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    Developer Marketing Leaders Are Back for the Future Developer Summit 2018

    Miljana Mitic · September 07, 2018

    Future Developer Summit is back September 13, Menlo Park, CA, bringing together 60+ VP & director-level champions of developer marketing in an intimate invite-only setting to share knowledge, celebrate innovative thinking and discuss the course for the future.

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    Welcome to SlashData: the next 10 years.

    Andreas Constantinou · July 10, 2017

    We‘ve come a long way since VisionMobile was founded in 2005. I founded the company just after I had left Orange (the telco) as a means to build a strategy consultancy for the era of mobile. That was two years before Android and iOS were introduced to the world, and ended up impacting every single industry out there.

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    What gets desktop developers out of bed in the morning?

    Mark Wilcox · July 01, 2016

    Despite all the hype around the death of the PC and the enormous amount of media attention focused on mobile, cloud and IoT, the humble desktop is still the biggest part of the developer economy. There are more professional developers working on desktop applications than any other sector.

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    A proven model for targeting IoT developers

    Stijn Schuermans · June 23, 2016

    What if you could identify a handful of developer personas, or segments, each with a very distinct set of needs and interests? What if on top of that set of developer personas you also had some guidance as to how to address each one of them, what to include in your outreach campaigns targeted at them in order to make them more effective?

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